Unique Services

Our unique services are what define us and make True Markets 3D better and different, ,by offering a customized solution with many benefits, and help you to stand out.

1. True QR Code :

  • Can be scanned using a smartphone with built in camera, once scanned phone will open the tour in your phone’s web browser.
  • You can print it and let your audience or walkers to enjoy your tour by scanning your QR Code.

2. True Interactive Map :

  • Simple but professional maps to give your audience a journey at your business to discover what they want and keep your audience engaged.
  • Our map includes:3D virtual tours, 360 tours, 360 videos 360 photos, 2D videos, 2D photos, sound effects and Music.

4. True Interactive Yearbook :

  • Level up and make a yearbook that really captures the spirit of your school by adding a printed QR code which includes 360 videos or virtual tours to create a memorable experience.

3. True Guided Tour :

  • True guided tours allow you to have a video call with your audience inside the 360 virtual tour and synchronizing where you look with your audience or they can look where they want and at the same time you can talk to each other in the 360 virtual tour.

5. True Staging :

  • Provides an easy, cost-effective way to bring the real scanned area to life by adding furniture and interior designs to the empty place.